Keif cafe staff detention extended for 15 days


Two suspects in the recent killing of a young man inside a restaurant saw their detention renewed for 15 days on Wednesday, state media reported.

Mahmoud Bayoumi had died on Sunday as a result of a puncture wound in the lung, after staff members from Keif cafe assaulted him when a dispute erupted over the minimum charge. Eyewitnesses said the restaurant waiters and manager were threatening customers, following the end of a football game between Egypt and Cameroon.

While the restaurant itself was closed and police cars parked outside it, the governorate in response to the incident shut down several unlicensed cafes in Heliopolis.

Owners complained of the procedure which they said involved the destruction of the restaurants and kitchen equipment. They claimed in press statements that they had been licensed by the Tourism Ministry. Several of them have existed for a couple of years at least.

This also comes as the Consumer Protection Agency urged citizens to report any restaurant imposing a minimum charge on grounds of the illegality of such a thing, amid increasing complaints of the practice.

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