Egypt participates in joint military exercise with Bahrain and UAE


Factions from the Egyptian infantry, navy, and air force left Egypt on Saturday heading to the two Arab Gulf states of Bahrain and UAE to participate in a joint military exercise between the three countries, the army official spokesperson said in a Facebook statement.

According to the statement, the forces that left Egypt for the aforementioned Gulf countries will participate in a joint exercise named “Hamed 2” and “Zayed 2”, both of which will last for several days.

“Rapid intervention and special operations forces will participate effectively in the joint military exercise, which will include a number of military activities and experts’ exchange of information regarding naval and aerial fighting,” the statement read.

The spokesman said the training exercise “comes in the context of the armed forces’ training plan for joint training with sisterly and friendly countries for the transfer and exchange of experiences.”

In 2014, during the course of several days, Egyptian and Bahraini special forces engaged in intensive joint military exercises in the Arabian Gulf.

“The training included the implementation of several activities,” said Egypt’s armed forces spokesperson in a statement. The troops also engaged in simulated exercises, such as combating terrorism, disabling improvised explosive devices, freeing hostages, and training in self-defence and martial arts classes.


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