FEP to elect new leader among disputes with Sawiris


The Free Egyptians Party (FEP) started accepting candidates’ applications for the elections of the party leader and members of the party’s high committee, from Friday to Sunday.

According to the party’s announced schedule, elections will take place on 24 March and the results would be announced the same day.

This comes amid a disorganised picture of the party, stemming from a major dispute between the party’s founder, Naguib Sawiris, and the party’s current leader, Essam Khalil.

The dispute has affected the party structure as it became divided. On one hand, Sawiris has the party’s board members on board, while Khalil is leading the party’s general assemblies with the party’s higher committee and parliamentary delegation.

The two parties exchanged accusations. So far, the dispute has resulted in Khalil’s general assembly considering Sawiris an outlaw with no legitimacy over the party, while Sawiris has taken the case to court.

Khalil’s side has control over the party’s media office, which has been issuing statements accusing Sawiris of suspicious activity in relation to foreign entities.

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