Al-Sisi orders maintaining shares of subsidised bread to citizens


In a meeting with a number of ministers and state officials, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi asserted on Monday that the same shares of bread to civilians would be maintained, following a crisis in the distribution of subsidised bread.

According to a statement from the Egyptian presidency, the meeting included the Prime Minister, as well as the ministers of defence, military production, foreign affairs, justice, trade, and the head of the military intelligence department.

Al-Sisi was briefed on measures conducted by the government to recover from problems in the distribution of subsidised bread.

Minister of Supply and Internal Trading Aly Meselhi said during the meeting that the database of the card holders is being revised and will be digitalised to guarantee safety and to limit corruption. The measures will also include short listing cardholders who deserve receiving subsidised goods, in accordance with a selection process done by the Social Justice Committee of the cabinet.

Al-Sisi also discussed future plans to spread portable markets to sell subsidised meat and pottery in anticipation of the holy month of Ramadan.

Last week, protests took place in Alexandria, Giza, Kafr Al-Sheikh, Assiut, Minya, and Fayoum, protesting cuts in subsidised bread.  In Imbaba, roads were cut and subsidy offices were raided by citizens. In Alexandria and Kafr Al-Sheikh, protesters blocked roads and chanted against the government.

After the angry protests, Meselhi decided to make amendments to the decision he took earlier this week which cut shares of bread subsidies for cardholders. The amendments included raising the portions of loaves in the places which witnessed the greatest disturbances.

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