Court upholds three-year jail sentences in Matariya doctors’ assault case


The Matariya Misdemeanours Court upheld on Monday a verdict sentencing two police conscripts to three years in prison in addition to fines over charges of assaulting doctors at the Matariya Teaching Hospital.

According to the doctors’ lawyer, Sayeda Kandil, the two conscripts are the ones who led the attack on the doctors. The two had called seven other colleagues for help, resulting in a trial for a total of nine conscripts.

In September, all defendants were given three years in jail. They appealed their verdict, but not as a group. For instance, two others appealed the verdict, and their sentence was reduced in January to six months and compensation to the victims.

This comes as Kandil continued to accuse the Ministry of Interior of breaking the law, since some defendants remain on the loose despite the court’s verdict. “Despite such manipulation of the law, we continue to demand our clients’ rights,” she told Daily News Egypt.

The incident had sparked anger among doctors, who last February gathered in a historic general assembly against police brutality.

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