Detention of three officers renewed over killing of man in Al-Haram police station


The Southern Giza Prosecution renewed on Wednesday the detention of three police officers to seven days, on accusations of torturing a man to death in Al-Haram police station, as well as forcefully detaining him.

The Forensic Medicine Authority’s autopsy report cited the presence of torture and signs of beating on different parts of the man’s body, like the back, belly, head, hands, and legs. The report added that these injuries lead to the death of the detainee.

The director of Al-Haram police station was summoned for investigations by the prosecution.

The victim, 26-year-old conscript Mahmoud Sayed, was arrested alongside his brother on charges of murdering and robbing their grandmother. They were arrested on 13 February. The family says that both brothers were beaten, though one was released.

On Tuesday, the Prosecutor General ordered a periodical campaign to look into the status of prisoners detained pending investigations. He assigned members of the prosecution to administer this process and make it a regular procedure to search police stations and prisons for such detainees.

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