Egypt continues “Zayed 2” joint military exercise with UAE


On Saturday, Egyptian and Emirati armed forces continued the joint military exercise “Zayed 2”, in which both countries’ ground, aerial, and naval forces participated. The joint military exercise is part of the Egyptian army’s annual training plan, according to a statement by the army spokesperson.

The statement noted that the preliminary training stages witnessed a number of lectures that contained both countries’ fighting expertise. Furthermore, previously planned military exercises were executed by both sides.

Moreover, both sides demonstrated their shooting capabilities using different types of weapons and positions. Additionally, both sides’ air force participated in an air show during the military drill, the statement added.

The joint military exercise between Egypt and the UAE started on 12 March, when forces from the Egyptian infantry, navy, and air force went to Bahrain and the UAE to participate in a joint military exercise between the three countries.

According to the statement issued at that time, the forces that went to the aforementioned Gulf countries will participate in a joint exercise named “Hamed 2” and “Zayed 2”, both of which will last several days.

“Rapid intervention and special operations forces will participate effectively in the joint military exercise, which will include a number of military activities and experts’ exchange of information regarding naval and aerial fighting,” the statement read.


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