Minister of Defence attends ceremony for increasing combat efficiency in central military region


Minister of Defence Sedki Sobhi attended a ceremony that aimed at increasing the combat effectiveness of one of the armed platoons in the central military region after developing it, according to an official statement.

The leader of the central military region, general Ayman Amer, delivered a speech during the ceremony, through which he expressed the keenness of increasing the soldiers’ combat effectiveness in the region to meet the high expectations of the leadership.

Sobhi listened to the report of increasing soldiers’ combat effectiveness, which included the technical, administrative, and combative status of the region and its developments regarding arms and equipments.

The armed forces had witnessed an unprecedented leap forward in capacity, arming, and training, and Sobhi stressed that Egypt’s security depends on maintaining the strength and unity of the armed forces, as well as its ability to continuously develop its effectiveness and efficiency.

He also praised the cooperation between the armed forces and the police.

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