Criminal court announces “State Council bribery” case verdict to be September 13th


Cairo Criminal Court decided Saturday that the final verdict on the case known as “State Council bribery” would be announced on 13 September, reported local media.

The four defendants—two State Council officials and two supply chain workers—were arrested in December 2016 for receiving and giving millions of dollars in bribes.

Several allegations were made in the case, such as sexual blackmailing by two defendants to the third, and illegal trade of foreign currency.

One of the defendants requested remission of the verdict following her confession.

In 2016, one of the defendants was under surveillance by Administrative Authority Control officials and was arrested while receiving a bribe. When officials inspected his house, they found EGP 150 million, in addition to jewelry, proof of property buildings, and vehicles, all obtained through bribes.

The Administrative Authority Control has been actively revealing corruption cases these past months, as Partners for Transparency (PFT). Their reports concluded that 968 incidents of corruption occurred in 2016.


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