GREATEST TRIUMPH: New American leader Donald Trump’s greatest achievement is winning the presidency without any previous political experience — he was never a governor, senator or military general, notes university don X.N. Iraki. He adds: “But his greatest triumph is defeating two political dynasties – the Bushes and the Clintons. Can we also get our own Trump to defeat the Odingas and Kenyattas in the August 8 General Election? Nani atapitia katikati yao (who will outwit them)?” His contact is [email protected]

DOCTORS’ STRIKE: The leaders’ obsession with wooing people to register as voters while paying little or no attention to those starving due to the drought raging in the country, the ones dying and the ones suffering due to the doctors’ strike in the public hospitals is saddening, says Ayub Rays Osinde. He cannot understand the lack of a similar determination and enthusiasm in solving serious national problems. This, he adds, explains why it’s not surprising that he and other Kenyans might elect not to vote this year in protest. His contact is [email protected]

SORELY LACKING: The vigour with which the leaders from both sides of the political divide are now urging fellow Kenyans to register as voters has been sorely lacking in the delivery of services and implementation of development projects, says David Motari. He adds: “Most of these leaders score poorly as far as development is concerned. But during elections, they come around with lots of promises they never fulfil.” He cites the massive job losses in the layoffs in the private and public sectors as evidence of the letdown by the leaders. His contact is [email protected]

DAILY BLACKOUTS: Kenya Power is literally living up to its old acronym, KPLC, which Peter Mukiri, upset about daily blackouts, lasting up to 15 hours at Clayworks, Kasarani, on Thika Superhighway in Nairobi, feels should be spelt out in full as the Kenyan People Light with Candles. “Calls to customer care go unanswered after being kept on hold for 10 minutes, and even when one is lucky to go through, there is no action. Why connect electricity all over when current customers are not served efficiently?” His contact is Tel 0780787038 or [email protected]

FUNERAL CONVOYS: Whenever he comes across funeral convoys, Njoroge Kibe, writing from Loitokitok on the Tanzania border, says, he has noted that they will never move until red ribbons are elaborately tied to the motor vehicle side mirrors, radio antennae and wipers. In Tanzania, he adds, the obsession is with flowers. He’s curious to know why the decoration of funeral convoys has become so popular. But the most peculiar habit, he notes, is that even after the burial, the ribbons and flowers are not removed and discarded. His contact [email protected]

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