OCHIENG: Why we are still far from being a real nation


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Composed of all human types, the US is the shiniest example of techno-scientific achievement. That means that all such achievements are human, not racial – though the unjust circumstances may enable one race to steer ahead of others.

The Sino-Japanese remind the excessively arrogant Caucasian elite that its self-nomination as the human race best able to produce science and technology spells extreme specific dangers.

Caucasian historians themselves show that excessive elite arrogance was what cut down Rome to size. The unmeasured pursuit after wealth by our ethno-racial elite is what keeps Kenya at the lowest level.

A society may grow rapidly to great heights. But economists remind us that growth does not necessarily mean development. The figures the Third World’s ministries toss up for the “aid givers” are a measure only of a tiny vertical accumulation.

They never measure development. Development is not a statistical figure alone. Kenya can be called “developing” only if the figures were a measure of development in our quality of thought and our behaviour towards one another.

Our distrust between races, tribes, genders and religions means that we are still far from becoming a real nation. Real development is a measure only of whether a society is spreading horizontally the benefits of all its econo-mental efforts.

If Kenya were developing, no section of it would writhe in such hunger every year. We can blame it only on our extremely low level and rate of development of thought and action.

The fact that certain individuals emerge from extreme indigence to extreme affluence overnight is not a result of total national dedication to work, vertical production and equitable horizontal spread of wealth.

It is a result of extremely anti-social elite activities, like tribalism and graft. Though techno-scientific work is specifically human, on our planet, no other species than ours is capable of what human minds and hands can achieve. Caucasian mankind has recently played star roles in these fields.

But that proves nothing racial. For, in other times and climes, brown and black humanity has scored brilliant techno-scientific achievements. That is why these abilities cannot be attributed to skin colour.

Yet such achievements are what may goad even a continent as educated as Europe into the ugliest anti-human activities. That was how highly educated Germany could produce the extremely primitive racial conceit of the Hitlerites.

Euro-America’s leading classes may urge their masses into appalling cruelty to other human beings. But my faith in humanity will never allow me to preach retaliation in kind.

For whenever you mistreat a human being on account of gender, race, religion or tribe, you are mistreating your own self and assaulting your own dignity.

One manifestation of human ignorance is what we do to other living things. As a human being, do you take pride in what the leading classes of your race and tribe do by forcing other humans in unpaid labour and colonialism?

Where is humanity’s specific intelligence when one race of it can nominate itself as the bringer of God’s message to the African “heathen”, a message which demands that the receiver humble himself by turning the other cheek to be struck again by the nyapara of the very race that has brought “God’s message” to you?

Yes, humanity is mentally the highest species. But do not overrate human intelligence because it can mislead even the most developed human race into perpetrating a world war on its own kind in which to kill one another by the Lakh.

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