Return our animals, Turkana herders tell Isiolo police


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Turkana herders in Isiolo County want the national government to release their cattle confiscated 11 days ago during a police operation to recover stolen animals.

More than 120 cattle were seized during the operation at Chumvi Yare.

Mr Musa Kuya, one of the herders, said the government should also compensate owners of three cows that died during the operation.

He said police and elders have been given names of suspected cattle rustlers believed to have stolen some of the 700 cattle belonging to Meru herders from Tigania East four weeks ago.

“My animals have been locked up for more than 10 days now without grass to feed on. I did not steal anyone’s livestock for mine to be confiscated and suffer like this,” said Mr Kuya.

The herders accused police of subjecting them to communal punishment instead of investigating and dealing with individual criminals.

Mr Christoper Akuye, another herder, claimed their animals are weak and risk dying due to lack of pasture and water at the stadium where they are being held.

They demanded explanation from the government on why their animals were confiscated without any ‘reason’.

“The government has already been presented with names of suspects but nothing has been done to apprehend them or intercept their animals,” claimed Mr Kuya.

Herders continue to camp at the stadium’s gate watching their animals from far.

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