Baby with holes in heart suffers as doctors keep off


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A nine-month-old baby from Nakuru is bearing the brunt of the ongoing doctors’ strike as his parents struggle in vain to get treatment for him.

Mr Joshua Mokua and his wife Rose Moraa Mokua are stranded after failing to raise money for medicine and consultation fees for their son who has two holes in the heart.

Their son was born normally in March 2016 but developed complications when he was two months old.

The couple says they have faced many challenges while trying to get treatment for their son.

“In August 2016, we were told that the complication required an operation that could not be carried out in the country. After some consultations, we were required to raise Sh3 million to enable us travel to India for the operation,” said Mr Mokua.

However, they were required to get medicine to manage the condition before they could raise the amount for the operation.

After being treated in a number of private hospitals among them Karen Hospital, they sought treatment at Kericho District Hospital where they got the medicine at an affordable price.

However, this relief was cut short by the doctors’ strike which started on December 5, 2016.

“We used to have a doctor who guided us on how to take care of him as we sought ways of getting funds for the required operation,” Mr Mokua said.

Since then, they have been seeking services from private hospitals.

“The medicine costs us up to Sh13,000 per month which is too much for us,” he said.

According to Mrs Mokua, the situation has been worsening every day as she has to spend sleepless nights.

“Sometimes he is unable to sleep as he becomes very weak and cries a lot and I am forced to stay up the whole night,” she said.

They called on the government to find a solution to the doctors’ strike so as to help save their son’s life.

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