COUNTY POLITICS: Kiambu senator dismisses calls to go for governor post


He said he would consider the challenge in future.

Senator Kimani Wamatangi has dismissed calls from some residents to vie for governor of Kiambu post, saying his present focus is to take part in legislating laws that will set a firm foundation for the devolved government.

Mr Wamatangi said though some of his colleagues have thrown their hats in the ring for the governor seat in their respective regions, he intends to first complete what he has started at the Senate, with a view to building a strong base that will ensure devolution succeeds.

“I have sponsored Bills that promote devolution, safeguard public funds, empower entrepreneurs and others touching on devolution. I would want to see them implemented so that we can lay a strong foundation for devolution,” Mr Wamatangi said Friday.

However, he said he would consider the challenge in future.

Mr Wamatangi also said he has sponsored the Assumption of the Office of Governor Bill, 2016, which seeks to provide for the procedure and ceremony for the assumption of the Office of Governor by the governor-elect and also protects public resource from being embezzled during the transition period.

Further, he said has come up with a Bill that if approved will provide pension for the governor, with the intention being to tame looting by county chiefs set to leave office.

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