Police reservists best-placed to tackle insecurity in North Rift


Claims that the recent commissioning of the Integrated Police Reservist programme by Deputy President William Ruto and Inspector-General of Police Joseph Boinnet was a desperate attempt in the fight against insecurity are baseless and misleading.

Residents, who well understand the role of the reservists, will agree that banditry and cattle rustling have drastically reduced following the increased number of reservists, especially on the boundary of Elgeyo-Marakwet and Baringo.

It is a fact that the recent recruitment and arming of 230 police reservists at a function in Chesongoch Village presided by Ruto has greatly improved the situation as the reservists fully took charge of security since they well understand the routes and tactics bandits and cattle rustlers use.

Increased cases of insecurity are being reported in many parts of Baringo South Constituency due to the fact that youths there have accompanied women and children to safer grounds, leaving criminals to overrun their fertile lands.

No wonder it has been reported that areas such as Rugus have been deserted since 2005.

This is because youths who should have protected their community have accompanied women and children to safer areas of Kiserian and Marigat.

With the responsibility to protect people’s lives and property being the government’s, the reservists should take charge of the security of their localities because they well understand the terrains as opposed to security personnel who, in most cases, do not hail from such areas.

What the government should now do is to ensure all guns in the wrong hands are seized and police reservists given the opportunity to restore law and order in collaboration with security personnel.

It’s also wrong for Baringo Senator Gideon Moi to claim that it is only through President Uhuru Kenyatta’s intervention that lasting peace will be attained in Kerio Valley.

Senator Moi should know that security is a collective responsibility, in which leaders and residents must take part.

He might recall that President Kenyatta’s tour of the region in 2015 had little impact.

Peace is the responsibility of everyone, including the senator. To undermine Mr Ruto’s efforts in fighting the menace is to politicise the war against insecurity, which should start with the grassroots leaders.

Leaders should also put aside their differences when it comes to matters of security and work together in confronting acts of lawlessness instead of fighting one another.

* * *
Insecurity in the North Rift calls for the government to send in some of its best soldiers to smoke out the armed bandits from their hideouts dead or alive.

The arsenal of modern warfare equipment recently unveiled by President Uhuru Kenyatta should be brought to bear on the miscreants.

Further, it doesn’t make sense to have our military in Somalia yet Kenyans are being killed in their country.

Kinyua Nehemiah, Laikipia.

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