Remove ‘ghost’ workers; don’t cut civil servants’ pay


Every now and then, civil servants go to streets demanding pay rise as they believe it’s the only language that governments hear.

The President’s suggestion of a blanket pay cut to civil servants, some whom are poorly paid, is uncalled-for and unfair.

Some may not feel the pain of the pay cut but the rest, who are between the rock and the hard place financially, will feel the pain so much and it may force them to go to the streets again.

The government loses a lot in salaries to ‘ghost workers who have either died, been sacked or have moved to the private sectors but their names are still in the payroll.

It’s better for a head count to be conducted on all civil servants afresh to tell who is who.

For those who will be said to be sick at home or are on leave, as a cover-up, let it be confirmed.

There are also fake workers. We have many people employed using the same academic certificate.

Some of them are primary school dropouts who use other people’s academic papers.

Let every government employee have their fingerprints taken. Then have their particulars given by the National Identification Bureau Office or IDs office.

The fake employees go as far as acquiring fake IDs to match the academic papers they are using.

They have the fingerprints of foreigners taken to get new IDs.

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