Unemployment is man-made, let State clean up mess


A nation that, in its age, fails to fully exploit the energy, exuberance, imagination and exploits of its youth is a dying nation.

It can only be that its leaders are unimaginative and might have been captured by reprobate syndicates.

Where are the promised industrial zones? Ethiopia has unveiled its third industrial park that will employ over 130,000 people.

One job in the factory creates linkages that employ 15 more. That is why it holds true, eternal truth, that only manufacturing can lift economies out of poverty — by creating employment.

At 40 per cent unemployment, Kenya is on the precipice of a revolution the moment the youth connect the dots and find out that unemployment is man-made.

It is bad governance that creates unemployment. When 2 per cent of Kenyans take 50 per cent of all the tax revenue that we collect, it tells you that unemployment is created by incompetent policies.

The best President Uhuru Kenyatta can do is make operations in all government offices paper-less, then lay off the dead wood. Counties would follow suit.

Tribalism is a distraction. It creates corruption and bad governance. This leads to unemployment. The youth must see through the facade and connect the dots…then demand deliverables (jobs).

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