An Obama White House movie in the making?


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No, this isn’t one of those articles where we talk about what a joke Trump is, as much as I am tempted to do so. This is one of those ones where we explore how we just can’t get enough of Obama. As many of the online memes have been saying, it looks like Obama is now living his best life – after the breakup from America, he’s really gone from glow up to glow up, what with the mention of a book deal on him and Michelle, and hanging out with Richard Branson, and not looking anywhere near his age.

And now, in the latest string of We-Miss-You-Obama-Take-Us-Back moves, a book proposal written by a former White House stenographer (the person whose job it is to ‘transcribe speech in shorthand) has been optioned out for a ‘high-concept workplace comedy’.

The book is called “From the Corner of the Oval”, by Beck Dorey-Stein, and will be published in 2018, the first of a lucrative seven-figure two book deal. It follows the life of a young, down-on-her-luck cocktail waitress who through a twist of fate gets a job at the White House, and is thrown into this world of governance and diplomacy with basically no experience – and how she handles it.

The book isn’t really an insight into the life of the Obamas, and is more an exploration into what happens behind the scenes when Obama is making his speeches; the relationships that spring up – whether platonic or romantic – in the corridors of what was once the headquarters of the free world. But at this point of post-break up healing, we’ll take whatever we can get!

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