EDITORIAL: End stalemate on EALA


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The stalemate over the choice of Kenya’s representatives to the East African Legislative Assembly could turn out to be a very costly extension of our internal political rivalry to the regional body.

Indeed, the business of the assembly cannot go on unless members from all the EAC states are present.

Even if those from the other countries are sworn-in, the election of the speaker will not happen and the committees that oversee the various sectors cannot be set up.

As a country that has been pivotal in this organisation at the forefront of forging regional integration, the political grandstanding is disappointing.

Since the revival of the EAC and its expansion from the original three, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to include Rwanda and Burundi, and South Sudan this year, the member states’ commitment to the regional has been steadfast.

It is imperative, therefore, that the deadlock on naming Kenya’s representatives be broken, to not only save our national image, but to also enable the regional body to be constituted to begin its business.

The partner states have invested heavily in the regional parliament because it serves a purpose.

The MPs legislate on matters of vital importance to the countries.

It is in the interest of Kenya that EALA function, hence the crucial need for those involved to hasten the approval of the members to serve at the EAC headquarters in Arusha.

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