OSANJO: Winning title in style our next objective


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That was a good run in the first leg of the league. The boys played well. Football like you can find in any of the world’s leading leagues.

Who can forget the neat passes from Godfrey Walusimbi? Or the grass cutting shots from George Odhiambo?

What I am saying is that there is no team that comes anywhere near Gor Mahia in this part of the world. My appeal to coach Ze Maria is simple – you have been given a team whose supporters always demand for more.

Your predecessors came and left a mark in our club.

In fact, one of them, the polite guy by the name of Frank Nuttal even won us the league unbeaten.

As we head to the second leg of the league, now is the time to invoke the Mahia spirit in the boys and get cracking.

We need to beat all the teams starting with those small cats that go by the funny name of AFC Leopards.

After that we can now go ahead and beat teams left right and centre. In short what I am saying Bwana Ze Maria is that we want nothing short of winning the league.

And now on to one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever seen in local football.

According to press reports, the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) has banned Muhoroni Stadium from hosting football matches sanctioned by the federation.

The reports went ahead to add that FKF has also accused the Kenyan Premier League Limited of failing to tame Muhoroni Youth’s errant club officials, fans and stewards.

“The KPL seems to be unable to take action on the excesses of the leadership, fans and stewards of Muhoroni Youth and therefore the Federation has moved to ban the Muhoroni Stadium with immediate effect from hosting any FKF-sanctioned football matches until such a time that it is satisfied that the stadium is safe for fans, players and match officials,” the letter signed by FKF CEO Robert Muthomi read in part.

Now my question is this: what is so special about the leaders of Muhoroni Youth that no action can be taken against them?

It is in the public domain that this is one club with village thugs masquerading as leaders.

What I would have expected is to see the football authorities ban some of these hoodlums and kick them away from any gathering of decent human beings enjoying a game of football.

In as much as I abhor football violence I dare those miscreants from Muhoroni to try that nonsense on Gor Mahia.

That is the day they will know that it is possible to beat stupidity out of one’s head.

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