Reject candidates who don’t have climate change agenda


Last week, President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord, claiming it would throttle America’s economic growth and destroy jobs.

In Kenya, we must take climate change in our hands.

We should expect the leaders we intend to elect on August 8 to be focused on how to mitigate and adapt effectively to climate change.

The prevailing food shortage, malaria, prolonged droughts, flooding and unusually high food prices can be attributed to changing weather patterns brought about by climate change.

The presidential aspirants should re-confirm Kenya’s commitment to the Paris agreement with implementable ideas and explicitly clarify how they are going to advance in clean energy sources.

Conveners of the upcoming presidential debates should, therefore, put the environment as a major agenda and a presidential candidate with no comprehensive understanding and strategies on the issue should be dismissed.

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Africa suffers most from the impact of climate change despite contributing less than four per cent of greenhouse gas emissions.

But I believe that, the innovative continent that we are, Africa will soon come up with ways to protect our future generations.

All we need is dedication to ensure this menace is stopped.

How about adopting simple methods like planting more trees?

We can devotedly protect our water sources and ensure industrial emissions are properly deposited.

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There lies an environmental concern to all residents of Kisumu County: Kisumu dumpsite.

However, some of the election candidates even put up their campaign posters next to the mountain of garbage.

But what surprises me the most is that it’s business as usual for them — as if there’s nothing wrong with that sight.

The candidates, National Environmental Management Authority (Nema) and residents should come up with a strategy to stop this destruction of our environment.

Better yet, we all should be responsible for our environment. It’s our mandate and obligation to strive to leave the world a better place for the future generations.

Collins Ochieng, Nairobi.

* * *
Why Nakuru County government has not taken concrete measures to save Lake Nakuru from choking in pollution is not clear.

Aquatic life is at great risk from an avalanche of plastic waste that finds its way into the lake.

Recently, the lake was rated as one of most colourful, a darling of tourists.

The county bosses should ban careless disposal of plastic waste and also to set up aside funds for improving the condition of lake.

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