Samburu Ward Rep seat aspirant pledges to unite clans


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An aspirant in Samburu County has pledged to unite clans in the volatile region.

Benjamin Lengapiani, 32, who is seeking a ward rep seat said: “I will make sure this issue of dividing our people based on clans end.”

The businessman, touted to be among the youngest politicians in the region ever, said his aim is to transform the lives of residents.

The aspirant said it was unfortunate that locals were being discriminated against and some seeking to get government jobs based on their clans.

Mr Lengapiani said he was out to develop Suguta based on his experience in the NGO world.

“The rest of the world is progressing and here we are talking about which clan I am from so that I get a government job, it’s terrible. Positions should be filled based on merits,” he says. 

A youthful entrepreneur businessman in Suguta Marmar, Samburu has rolled out a manifesto that he hopes to steer over the next five years and transform the lives of his community.

Mr Lengapiani is the youngest aspirant judging by the average age of those who are contesting in the region.

As he puts it, he is closer to the future than his opponents if the future represent 20 years of age, then he is closer by 12 years compared to his opponents. The youth resonates with him and have branded him an easy go, down to earth, social, compassionate and influential.

Born in Longewan village, Mr Lengapiani has not been left out as he has served as a head boy in Kirisia Secondary School and has demonstrated exemplary leadership amongst his peers.  

A successful businessman, Lengapiani runs a fast-growing building and civil engineering company and transportation business in Maralal Town and is well regarded among the town’s business and professional community.

While this is his first time in politics as a contestant, he has been part of the region’s political process for five years.

The businessman, who launched into local trade immediately after secondary education at Kirisia Secondary School, describes in detail his vision of collaborating with the county government to implement business financing solutions for local young businessmen in Suguta Marmar Ward.

Since 2013 when he started engaging in politics, he said, he had been working with Heifer International an NGO, and contributed to helping and encouraging young people in Suguta, to go to school and make their life better.

“I also contributed to building schools, health centers and other social projects. I am in race because unlike everyone else in the race, I have a clear vision for Suguta. I am not here to be popular. I believe I am the best placed to make real difference in this Ward.”

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