Has installation of booster water pumps become illegal?


On the afternoon of June 9, 2017, Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company officers came to KMA Estate, Nairobi South C, to check water pumps.

A number of houses have installed booster water pumps as the usual pressure is not sufficient to pump water into the storage tanks.

These are connected after the meter, allowing proper billing.

To us, this was a proper and accepted way to connect booster pumps without tampering with the water meters at all.

However, the officers produced documents showing that it was illegal to connect a booster pump to the pipe before or after the meter.

What was the most surprising, however, was that the officers proceeded to disconnect and confiscate the privately owned water pumps.

They instructed residents to go and pay a fines at their Industrial Area office on June 12, 2017.

Without the water pumps, we shall not have water in our houses.

We feel that the timing was deliberate and only aimed at facilitating the soliciting for bribes since we were threatened by the prospect of having no water for two or more days. Since we did not give any bribe, they took the pumps with them.

We are customers of Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company. It is surprising that we would be treated like this.

We pay for the water we use; it is not free. The company is supposed to serve its customers well.

I called the customer care desk of the company but the numbers were engaged all the time.


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