IEBC should treat all aspirants equally


The Constitution gives the IEBC power to bar ineligible aspirants from running for an elective office.

But I foresee those excluded going to court and, in our system finality will be in the Supreme Court.

We should finalise these cases before the August 8 polls.

I think I heard the deputy IEBC chairperson talking of 106 names, how do you pick some and leave others?

That could cause a catastrophe worse than the 2007/2008 post-election violence.

Harambee Stars need more build-up matches
After losing to Sierra Leone 2-1 in a highly competitive match in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers in Freetown, it is now clear that the national team needs more build-up matches.

Their performance was fairly good and they stood a chance of winning.

But head coach Stanley Okumbi requires support to prepare the team for tough battles ahead if we have to keep our hopes of qualifying in this competition high.

Stop using vernacular in offices, public functions

It has become a trend for vernacular to be spoken in some public offices instead of Kiswahili or English.

I visited an office at my university and was irked to hear all the staff there communicate to clients in their local dialects without caring whether they understood the languages or not.

It is time the government enhanced the laws barring the use of vernacular in public offices.

KDF shouldn’t lock out experts over body issues

KDF has been recruiting all over Kenya but the bone of contention is their stringent rules concerning coloured teeth, missing teeth, marks and tattoos on applicants’ bodies.

They do not recruit people who have facial problems.

But some Kenyans come from areas where water changes the colour of people’s teeth.

For them, their teeth are always coloured. Many people were not selected because of these issues but their professions are crucial.


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