Candidates in Marsabit to hold pre-poll debate


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The Interfaith Council will in July hold political debates for candidates for candidates in Marsabit County seeking elective positions in the August 8 general elections.

Those targeted are candidates seeking to be MPs, woman representatives, governors and senators from Marsabit County.

According to the coordinator of the council, Gache Jibo, debate for MP and women representative candidates will be held on July 1 while that for governorship and senatorial candidates will be held on July 8.

The debate will be sponsored and led by the council, security agents and the local media, in bid to give the candidates a chance to sell their agenda to the people.

“People will be able to make good choices come August if we hold the debates. People will know who has got good and great vision for this county,” said Mr Jibo.

He added that the debate will be aired live on local radio stations, adding that it will be a precursor to more debates in the coming elections.

“People should start bringing up their issues and questions as we prepare for the debate,” said Mr Jibo.

The council further warned politicians against spreading propaganda and dividing residents on tribal, religious and political grounds.

Mr Jibo said that those spreading hate will be arrested and charged according to the law.

“We will follow up political messages in bid to expose leaders who are dividing our people on different lines,” said Mr Jibo.

A few weeks ago, Marsabit County Commissioner Magu Mutindika also warned politicians not to use local vernaculars to propagate hatred and violence in the area.

Mr Mutindika, who spoke during a security training in Marsabit Town, said that political leaders are taking advantage of the fact that most security stakeholders are not locals.

“Those who are spreading hatred and [propagating] violence should be warned that we are coming for them. Local radio stations should also be in the frontline to control what they release on air,” warned Mr Mutindika.

The religious leaders said they would hold two prayer meetings for peaceful elections come August.

Mr Jibo said that the religious leaders will not support or favour specific politicians, noting that they will only take part in urging locals to remain peaceful.

“We will create awareness of peaceful elections and the advantages of electing good leaders,” he added.

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