I Had My Twins Out of Wedlock and was Gripped with Shame for Years


Celebrated media personality Grace Msalame has said that she was never married to the father of her twins, Paul Ndichu.

Msalame made the revelation in a social media post to refute assumptions by a section of media outlets that she and the recently married Paul Ndichu were hitched and later divorced.

“I have no idea where the story came from that I’ve been married before! Let’s just leave the matchmaking to Jesus,” wrote Msalame.

She said that she has always been a single mom and had her 6-year-old twin daughters, Zawadi and Raha, out of wedlock.

Msalame, who is on a new journey as a Christian blogger, also revealed that she was gripped with shame for years.

“I had my children out of wedlock in my mid-twenties & I was gripped with shame for years because I wasn’t raised like that but I couldn’t quiet the nudge to still serve Him & so I held on to Him even tighter & now 6 years later I’m glad I believed in His Unconditional Love & learned to forgive myself & know that children are a Reward from the Lord,” read her post on Instagram.

Msalame recently quit her high-profile job at Radio Africa to pursue personal projects, including ministering and spending more time with her daughters.

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She recently updated her fans on the progress over the last one month since she quit.

“Now that I’ve left full-time employment to focus on Ministry & follow where God leads I’m also all the more intentional with my parenting and boy it’s only been a month but Glory to God. Doing the drop & school pick up without having to rush somewhere & doing homework together are all moments I will forever treasure,” wrote Msalame.

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