Time to rethink our education system in universities


The latest World Bank update on higher education in Kenya leaves a lot be desired.

According to The World Bank, while enrolment in higher education has pre-conceived exponential growth, employment opportunities continue to shrink.

It is regrettable that both public and private universities have adopted a shrewd way of making money by offering courses that are not market-driven, hence a damning indictment of our university education.

Needless to say, the Kenya Association of Manufacturers has lamented the poor quality of graduates being churned out of our institutions.

The commercialisation of higher education has adversely affected the quality and standards of our institutions, hence the skills gap.

Offering courses that are unresponsive to market needs has become one of the greatest undoings in our universities.

It is apparent that, since our universities began admitting non-degree students, the quality of education has taken a downtrend.

To realise its industrialisation dream and Vision 2030 blueprint, Kenya needs to invest in education that equips learners with skills and knowledge.

That which can solve the economic, social and political problems that have bedevilled the country for years. Time to bridge the gap between the academia and labour market is now.


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