Githeri Wachieni Vibanda! Jahmby Koikai Rants After She Suffered from Food Poisoning at Fancy Restaurant


Media personality Jahmby Koikai has gone on a full blown rant on social media after she suffered from food poisoning at a Nairobi restaurant.

As the story goes, the popular reggae presenter went to one of these hyped restaurants that make Kenyan dishes look exotic and ordered Githeri.

“So yesterday(Tuesday) I went to one of these hyped restaurants going-back-to-our-roots-ting kinda place. Making Kenyan dishes look so exotic and vogue. Mimi huyo ordering githeri cos I don’t believe there’s anyone who’s ever made better githeri than my mothers. Anyway my friend played safe and had fish. My githeri came and firstly it looked like it had gone to Switzerland for culinary arts then stopped over in France at the Champs Elysee and later attended Macron’s swearing in ceremony before landing at JKIA and throwing fits at maize from Mexico wondering out aloud “who does that”?,” narrated Jahmby.

No sooner had she finished her meal than she began facing the consequences which included diarrhoea and vomiting.

“Anyway I ate githeri and faced the consequences immediately. Bloating, diarrhoea and throwing up. Told the manager and chef in charge and was given dynamics of how food poisoning takes place. I don’t like fighting anymore so I said ok and walked away.
Lesson learnt. Vitu kama githeri hawa watu watuachie kwa vibanda na ghetto kwenye consumption is high and regular. Don’t make githeri and our ugali exotic. Just don’t. Mnaziweka kwa cold room cos hamna market ya githeri. Niliumia sana jana.
Ati hiyo githeri wanaigrill kwanza then fried….na avocado mbili za kunichocha hapo. Na vile kwetu avocado zimejaa kwa mti!!!”

She was not done there!

In a subsequent Instagram post, Njambi went on with the rant after the restaurant’s head chef messaged her and accepted responsibility for her food poisoning.

According to Njambi, she was not happy about that considering the chef on duty had told her that she must have come in sick.

She also claims that the head chef called her a case study.

Read her full rant below. They don’t call her Fyah Mummah for nothing.

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