Rapper Vicmass Luodollar Finally Addresses Reports That He Contracted an STI from a Blind Date


Vicmass Luodollar has finally responded to reports that he has a sexually transmitted infection.

According to the ‘Bank Otuch’ rapper, he was shocked to find out that some bloggers had published articles in which he admits contracting an STI.

The January reports had it that Vicmass contracted the STI after going on a date a blind date.

He responded: “Lol opens up to who? When? Where? Why don’t you pay me to market you, where did you Guys copy paste these lies of me being infected? Stop misleading Kenyans and my fans. Pay me to market your thing stop misusing my name.”

He went on to give bloggers(definitely not us) some writing ideas that they could work on instead of maligning his name.

“There are a lot of stories You Can work on, why don’t you talk about Mombasa flood and how to help people who lost their homes? Why don’t you talk about food insecurity in the country? And hey guys ain’t nothing like a new  HIV prevention, stay true to your partner or abstain from sex, the rest of this blah blah blah is only here to kill, control and reduce population of already suffering Kenyans and poor youths who ends up in drugs and robbery because of unemployment, don’t ride with this crap !!!”

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