Comedian Obinna Shares His Story When He Was A Street Kid


(Last Updated On: June 7, 2017)

Popular comedian, emcee and social media personality was recently celebrating his birthday as he turned 27. He decided to open up how he was a street kid 7 years ago and now he is highly blessed . He said:

“I must Admit…
It’s Been 26 Years of Confusion, Mistakes, Friendships, Experiments etc.
As I turn 27 Blessed with Thee Super Family,4 Amazingly Cute Offsprings🤣 , Love, Career, Maturity, and Experience I wanna say THANK YOU for all that LOVE ME AS well as those who DON’T!! For bearing with my Annoyingly hardworking personality.
SORRY to those I Offended Knowingly or Unknowingly.
THOSE who consider me COMPETITION or and INTIMIDATION of any sort…Maybe my FIVEHEAD/WEAVE/COMEDY/MUSIC/SMILE/WALKINGSTYLE/VOICE annoys you anyhow…BRACE YOURSELF I’m not about to stop.
🔝As much as my name is [email protected] I’m not at the top or anywhere near the TOP- That’s where I’m headed though.
Nobody knows what’s best for me..only GOD!!
For those who say I CAN’T.. IMMA BE THE FIRST.
Watch ME!!!!!!!
I came to NAIROBI as a street KID and 7 YEARS later I’m still here no longer on the street and Blessed than MOST!!
🌻HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME🌻…ONLY GOD KNOWS HOW LONG I SHALL LIVE FOR and imma do so to EXALT HIM by being good to others and blessing them in my OWN little ways.”

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