I Came to Nairobi as a Street Kid and 7 Years Later I’m Blessed than Most, Says Birthday Boy Obinna


Popular comedian, emcee, singer, and media personality Oga Obinna turned a year older yesterday, and with it came a birthday message about his rags to riches story.

The comedian who turned 27, highlighted his achievements and opened up about his struggles before the fame.

According to Obinna, he came to Nairobi as a street boy but seven years later, he is highly blessed.

He also used the message to tell off his haters and emphasized that no one should expect him to give up on life.

Obinna wrote:

“I must Admit…
It’s Been 26 Years of Confusion, Mistakes, Friendships, Experiments etc.
As I turn 27 Blessed with Thee Super Family,4 Amazingly Cute Offsprings🤣 , Love, Career, Maturity, and Experience I wanna say THANK YOU for all that LOVE ME AS well as those who DON’T!! For bearing with my Annoyingly hardworking personality.
SORRY to those I Offended Knowingly or Unknowingly.
THOSE who consider me COMPETITION or and INTIMIDATION of any sort…Maybe my FIVEHEAD/WEAVE/COMEDY/MUSIC/SMILE/WALKINGSTYLE/VOICE annoys you anyhow…BRACE YOURSELF I’m not about to stop.
🔝As much as my name is [email protected] I’m not at the top or anywhere near the TOP- That’s where I’m headed though.
Nobody knows what’s best for me..only GOD!!
For those who say I CAN’T.. IMMA BE THE FIRST.
Watch ME!!!!!!!
I came to NAIROBI as a street KID and 7 YEARS later I’m still here no longer on the street and Blessed than MOST!!
🌻HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME🌻…ONLY GOD KNOWS HOW LONG I SHALL LIVE FOR and imma do so to EXALT HIM by being good to others and blessing them in my OWN little ways.”

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