Economy: Nothing like recession, Nigeria has been going through hell forever – Yinka Davies



Veteran multi-talented vocalist, singer, dancer, instrumentalist and lyricist, Yinka Davies, has doled out an eye-opener on the state of the nation and the appellation ‘Recession’ that has been used to describe the current deplorable state of the nation. In her humble opinion, Yinka Davies believes that what Nigerians call recession is something that has bedeviled the nation for years.
“Recession is an understatement! What is recession? Do you look like there is recession? Is it written on your forehead? Why give name to something that does not exist? What exactly is the impact that is felt that has not been felt before, that you people are making noise over spilled milk that has been spilled long before now?

Yinka Daviies

There is nothing much more intense that has not been more intense before! This is happening now because we are still not asking the right questions. They give it a name and Nigerians just jump at the name, why jump at a name that is already in existence? Nigeria has been going through hell forever, this is just another phase.

The question is who are we as a people? Where have we been? When community was taking care of everybody, did you see riots on the streets? Did people not take care of their children and that of other people? Are they still not doing the things they have been doing even when they say all sorts of nonsense are going on? So what are you talking about?

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