Sex can make or mar any relationship – Tobi Adekoya


Yoruba actress and producer Tobi Adekoya is rapidly becoming a face to look out for in the make-believe industry. She has featured in quite a number of movies like ATM, Unfaithful and others . She talks career, relationship, sex among other issues in this interview as our guest star.


What has been your fascination with the movie industry?

The movie industry has been a platform for putting smiles on the faces of many and I consider that absolutely fascinating. There is nothing more pleasant and rewarding than giving back to the society and the movie industry is a platform that can help one achieve that.

Tobi Adekoya

Is it true that Nollywood now parades prostituting actresses?

No, I don’t think so, because I can count a lot of responsible ladies that know their onions and have carved a niche for themselves in the industry and even the world at large. The movie industry is dominated by people who have passion for what they do. I don’t consider any actress a prostitute.

Do you think actors in Nigeria are doing well?

Yes, Nigerian actors are trying. Nollywood is still going places.

What has been your worst location experience?

It was the day I was to play an almost nude scene in a market place in my movie; people around hurled abusive words at me and that was really embarrassing.

Why do actors play lead roles in their productions?

This is because it gives them the opportunity to promote themselves and take up roles that would have been rather difficult to get from other productions. Any upcoming actor would always want to play the lead role in the movies produced by him or her. In my production “Oluwatoyin” I had to play the major role to give the world the total package of myself, especially when I know I didn’t have the opportunity in other movies I had featured in. Talking about movies like Ayefele, Ijeshalokoijebu, Obalola, Unfaithful, ATM amongst others.

If you hadn’t become an actress, what would you have ventured into?

I would have been a business woman.

Many Yoruba films are poorly subtitled, why?

Most producers can’t afford the professionals who can do the job professionally. I will admit that is a big flaw on their part.

What is the connection between sex, love and money?

Love is a beautiful emotion, it is the heartbeat of any relationship. Money is important as well but the lack of it may ruin any lovely relationship you may think you have. And sex is beautiful if experienced with the right person. Sex may also make or mar any relationship. All these are beautiful but also dangerous.

What will you do if your partner denies you sex?

I consider sex to be a beautiful intimate connection between two people who are in love. At first, I would try to know the reason and if genuine, I will understand.

How often do you have sex?

That is a very personal question which I don’t think I would love to answer.

Have you been sexually aroused on set?

No, I haven’t been sexually aroused on set and I doubt the possibility.

Are you in a relationship?

No, I am not in a relationship.

Who is Tobi Adekoya?

Tobi Adekoya is a Christian who hails from Ogun State. She is the first child from a family of 8. Tobi is a loving girl who appreciates life and all the beautiful things life has  to offer. She is also very daring and hardworking.

What was growing up like?

Growing up for me was not really fun because I am the first child with lots of house chores to battle with. But I am grateful to God because that childhood experience helped me in becoming who I am today.

How and when did you venture into acting?

It started in 2002 in one area in Mushin, a  street in Lagos where some group of people always came to showcase their talents. I always watched them and got fascinated with acting. Then, one day I decided to talk to the coordinator about joining the group, he agreed and I became part of them. I later left the group to face my studies squarely. In 2014, I met Oluwole Cole, a Nollywood actor and producer who mentored me and here I am today.

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