Female butt remain the most distracting phenomenon known to man – Emma Ugolee



From the time of creation, women’s butt and boobs have been the most attractive or distracting creature known to man. No surprise the first ever created female on earth, Eve, was able to persuade and convince Adam to flout the standing order given to both of them by God.


No doubt, Emmanuel Ugolee’s assertion that the female butt is the most distracting phenomenon known to men is very true. In a rather hilarious post on his social media page, which actually raises questions as to what could have aroused his faculties to such a discourse, the veteran broadcaster and acclaimed king of talk shows stressed that men are mostly distracted by a woman’s butt.

He argued that if well exploited, a woman’s butt can attract the full attention of any man and cause him to lose focus in whatever he may be doing. According to him, history has recorded countless disasters, as a result of men transferring their full attention to a woman’s butt, thereby losing focus and attention.   He emphasized that nothing is impossible when a woman’s butt is involved because he believes no man is immune to its spell.

“The female buttocks still remains the most distracting phenomenon known to the male folk. Loosing focus is a default reaction to its presence; men have abandoned their families, roads have recorded terrible accidents, ‘D’ students have scored A’s in tests, office rivalry has been on the rise, 90% lyrical and visual content of songs, all made possible because of the presence of nyash (in Fela’s voice). Where are the men immune to its power? Put your hand up”, he wrote.

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