If your partner fancies oral sex , do it- Seyi Hunter



Nollywood actress and CEO, Hunters Media International, Seyi Hunter, is not someone to hold back on her opinion when it comes to issues of the inner room. She is in the league of a few women who would go all the way to satisfy their partner in bed, even if it means breaking the norm.

Potpourri recently caught up with the receptive actress, and in a brief chat, she expressed her total support for oral sex, something most people would see as disgusting and unhealthy. According to the non-conformist entertainer, oral sex is something that everyone should embrace in their relationships as long as it pleases their partner.

“Oral sex is something that should be practiced in every relationship, if it pleasures your partner, then you should do it because it is going to leave your partner highly satisfied. Once you starve your partner in that department and the person has been to cloud nine through oral sex before he or she met you, aunty, brother, open your eyes, because your partner is getting the enjoyment somewhere else”, she quipped.

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