Eedris Abdulkareem Lashes Out At 2face Idibia In Latest Celebrity Feud


Iconic Nigerian musician, 2face Innocent Idibia, aka, 2baba, has come under some tongue lashing from veteran singer, Eedris Abulkareem who claimed Blackface made him [2face] what he is today.

In an interview with Planetradiotv, the ‘Nigeria Jagajaga’ crooner who had once boasted of paving the way for some Nigerian acts, reprimanded Tuface, quote:

“Who you be? you dey mad! you don’t forget say na Blackface dey write all your hits?

Eedris rebuked 2face for getting involved in the political issues by planning the national protest.

“Who send you make you go put your hand for protest whey no concern you?

It wasn’t clear what prompted such social media attack, but fans of 2baba perceived it as jealousy-motivated comments coming from one out of other musicians who were associates of the ‘African Queen’ Soloist.

Since the split of the Plantashun Boyz, friendships between the trios – Blackface, 2face and Faze has never remained the same. In 2016, Blackface accused 2face and threatened to sue him for the theft of hit song ‘African Queen,’ via Twitter.

2face denied the accusation and tagged it an unfortunate turn of friendship that could have been great. In an interview with Channel TV, Idibia said:

“My brother it’s just so unfortunate. I don’t know where it is coming from.

“I’m trying to think of different reasons. I thought maybe his account was hacked or something.

“Apparently it wasn’t hacked, so we’ll trash the whole matter.. but I’ve got nothing but love and respect for him and it’s just so unfortunate that he’s coming at me like that.”

“Apparently he [Blackface] doesn’t consider me his friend anymore but I wish him no ill-will. Let’s leave it like that for now.”

Blackface has in more ways than one, demonstrated his dislike for Idibia and it’s kind of surprising hearing this rant from Eedris who Nigerians have accorded respect for lamenting about the corruption and suffering in Nigeria through his song, ‘Nigeria Jagajaga,’ during administration of Mr. Olusegun Obasanjo – a controversial song that landed him in the blacklist as an enemy of government.

Nigerians expected that person like him would have supported the planned national protest that was pioneered by Tuface Idibia who even solicited for support and calling on his fellow Nigerian artistes to join the peaceful rally against corruption and bad governance.

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Comments coming from angry fans of Tuface rebukes Eedris for such rants. Here’s some comments from Instagram users who said:

Mr Hizzy: Just looking for unnecessary attentions, nobody gat your time old fool. Calling out 2baba won’t revive your dead career.Wonder if you even have any real fan.

iamso3: How can one who claim to be elder/legend talk to his little one like that in public. Na wa o!!

New Owoblow: Who is this guy?…. Do you call yourself a legend?…..pls what kinda music do you do?…..I don’t know him in gifty’s voice#

rn rn

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