I want to change lives positively with my music-  Gentle Star


New kid on the block, Marnics Otu Martins, a.k.a. Gentle Star, is not your everyday artiste. Surprisingly, the up and coming singer who sings in numerous languages says he need not write his songs on paper before recording; all he needs is to walk straight into the studio and begin singing as he derives inspiration from his muse.

Marnics Otu Martins

“Almost all my songs were recorded that way,” he told Showtime in a brief chat. For Gentle Star, doing music comes naturally; he does it without much effort because music is an innate thing for him.

“I did not go into music but I found myself in it. It is the talent in me that propelled me into music, music is in me, I got it free from God and I want to actualize it and I will continue this pursuit until I realize my full potential.

Asked what he targets at achieving with music, he boasted of his intention to affect lives positively through his music. “I want to use my music to preach to the people; to make them change their lives for the better. I want to influence their lives positively as God wants it”, he said.

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