Shakira Opens School For Poor Children In Home Country Colombia


Singer Shakira Opens School In Home Country Colombia

Colombian superstar singer Shakira opens school in her home country of Colombia.

The latino songstress is opening a new school in her native hometown of Barranquilla in Colombia.

Shakira’s charity, Pies Descalzos Foundation is joining forces with FC Barcelona Foundation and ‘La Caixa,’ (a banking foundation) to open the school.

The school which is the foundation’s seventh school in Colombia is named the Institución Nuevo Bosque.

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Shakira’s new school will be built in one of Barranquilla’s most conflict-ridden districts.


This is where most of Shakira’s institutions have been built throughout Colombia.

Shakira Opens School In Colombia

The singer/songwriter in a statement said:

“When we started to build schools in Colombia 20 years ago, we chose remote areas where there was absolutely nothing at all — no infrastructure, roads or even potable water.

“We built schools where the government was absent and thousands of children didn’t have access to quality education.

“The transformation was immediate – jobs were generated, malnutrition plummeted and the students responded well academically.”

The Chantaje singer in a video shared by FC Barcelona, Shak further expands on the importance of investing in education.

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Shakira in the video said:

“We live in a globalized world and we need to invest in children if we want to have a prosperous world.

“Helping children is the most effective way to eradicate poverty.”

Shakira’s new school, Institución Nuevo Bosque will open its doors in two years.

In December last year, according to a research, Shakira’s Pies Descalzos’ school in Barranquilla was named the number 1 public school in all of Colombia.

The ranking was based on the students’ collective Saber 11 test scores.

Shakira celebrated the achievement with a video on social media.

The chart-topping artist, who founded the public school in her native Barranquilla in 2009, took to social media to share her excitement upon hearing the good news.

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