We would involve the police if Danku doesn’t caution himself — Rayce


By Rotimi Agbana

That popular Nigerian artiste manager, Yusuf Adepitan, fondly called ‘Danku’, no longer shares a working relationship with afro-beat singer, Rayce, is no breaking news; as news of his disengagement with Rayce has since gone viral on social media and online media platforms. In a new development, the brouhaha between both parties has gotten rather messier as Rayce has threatened to involve the police in the matter if Danku continues to mislead the public by peddling false information claiming his life is in danger.

Rayce & Danku

Recall that a week ago, the management of Rayce’s record label, Jebon Records, published an official press statement dissociating itself and its artiste, Rayce, from Danku’s management, warning the public to quit transacting any form of business with him on behalf of Rayce or Jebon Records, which Danku was quick to refute while setting the records straight that Rayce was never a part of MSN Gang or IND, the new artiste management company he recently launched. In his response, Danku emphasized that all this while, he only shared a working relationship with Rayce based on friendship.

Showtime’s investigation reveals that before going public with their face-off, Danku and Rayce have been engaged in a cold war as a result of differences stemming from Rayce’s refusal to make his working relationship with Danku official; and Rayce’s refusal to heed Danku’s advice to accept the paternity of the child he recently had by a girl simply known as Ewa. Rayce claimed he and Danku both usually slept with the girl therefore there are possibilities he is not the father of the child. Tobi Mohammed, a top management official of Jebon Records told Showtime that Rayce actually has a son by the said girl. He confirmed that the said girl simply known as Ewa recently gave birth to a son for him, stressing that he never denied being the father of the child.

“Yeah, it’s true, it’s Rayce’s child, he just didn’t want the press in his life, in his personal life and I think that you would agree with that. The baby is still very young. This thing is just more of nonsense, there was never a problem of paternity, it was his child from the onset, nobody denied it”, he confirmed. He refuted allegations that Rayce or any member of Jebon Records is a threat to Danku’s life. “Nobody is threatening Danku’s life or has intentions to hurt him in any way. Danku is just an attention seeker; he just wants to get the attention of the media to himself. You know how managers are at times, they would want to shine just like the artiste they are managing instead of allowing their work to speak for them. If this thing gets out of hand the way it is going, we may need to involve the police”, he said.


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