Nigerians Blast TBoss For Her Inability To Recite The National Anthem, IGoDye Roots For Efe With 1Million Naira


One of the last five housemates of the BBnaija show, Tboss who is a top contender for the ultimate prize has come under fire for being unable to recite the Nigerian National Anthem.

In this final and most critical week of the reality TV Show, housemates were joking around on Wednesday night when Debbie-Rise dared TBoss to recite the first and second verses of the Nigerian National Anthem.

Surprisingly the Edo state indigene struggled for a moment before calling Debie-Rise a “wicked person” for asking her to sing something she’d learnt in another language and hadn’t sung in years.


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Debie-Rise looked incredulous and asked TBoss to just drink the bottle of water if she couldn’t sing the anthem. At that point, TBoss looked over and snapped, saying Debbie was “putting her on the spot!” Thankfully, everyone joined in and sang both verses along with her which diffused the bomb but not for long.

After heading indoors, frustrated with what she believed was Debbie-Rise undermining her in a critical week, TBoss broke down in tears.

Bisola had to intervene and ask her to be mindful of what she was going to say before insisting that Debbie-Rise would never do anything to deliberately hurt her.

In her own defense, Debbie-Rise said she too was hurt that TBoss would even suggest that she’d do something so vile and she felt she was being painted in a very negative light. TBoss retorted by saying she was extremely upset and that Debbie-Rise didn’t have a right to tell her how to feel. She said it was also not her responsibility to “make her feel good” while she was hurting.

The dramatic night had actually begun when housemates got sent outside to the yard to play Truth or Dare till lights out.

For the game, they’d have to drink a whole bottle of water if they couldn’t go through with whatever they were asked to do. The daring challenges ranged from splits to cartwheels and the housemates also made some interesting revelations.

Efe, the ‘Warri boy’ said he’d hooked up with two sisters once while Bisola said she’d be keen to have a threesome provided it was with a guy she liked and a “babe” she didn’t know.

After fumbling with the National anthem, as expected, Nigerians on social media have come for Tboss with many saying one who can’t recite the National Anthem does not deserve the N25 million prize money.  Consequently, the ‘National Anthem’ has become a trending topic in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, ace comedian, Francis Agoda, a.k.a I Go Dye is splashing the whopping sum of N1 million in support of housemate, Efe who is the last man standing among four female housemates for the ultimate prize.

This was revealed in a video post by Osama Comedian, who disclosed that I Go Dye has endorsed the housemate with a sum of one million naira to massively vote for him.

“We TeamEfe, Jos chapter just received our own. God will reward you abundantly sir,” Osama Comedian said.

According to sources, the one million naira is to be shared among the teams supporting the housemate for the procurement of recharge cards to vote massively for him.

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As the race for the ultimate prize continues in this critical week of the show, many states and people are drumming up supports for each of the last five housemates  – Tboss, Bisola, Debbie-Rise and Marvis with some financial muscle.

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