Stella Damasus Gets Lashed At For Wishing Her Stepson A Happy Birthday


Following a harmless birthday message from Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus to her stepson David Ademinokan, her followers came for her neck questioning her actions.

Social media users have no chill indeed! The comments ranged from hateful reminders that she stole her partner Daniel Ademinokan from her friend and colleague, Doris Simeon.

All these came after she simply wished the boy, who turned nine on Wednesday 5th April, these wishes – “Happy birthday boo. Too much love from us all.”

Her followers insulted her for having the son of Doris in her custody and still having the effrontery to flaunt him on social media when she doesn’t show off her own daughters.

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Here are some of the comments:

“Lemme give you a piece of advice, that Doris’ son can never bcom yours neither would he love you so get not your hopes up. Stay on your lane and mind your daughters. From being nollywood’s most loved to nollywood’s most hated.” 

“Please next time when you talk of the boy reading messages under his birthday wishes from you, don’t 4 get to write that the ones you actually meant to write about are ur daughters not the boy. I bet the girls are ashamed of what you turned out to be, and 4 d boy? he will know who you really are.”

“Why did you disable comments on the last post? If you were bold enough you should have left it. Useless harlot. I always thought you were sensible and different from the rest of them, but, unfortunately, you are worse than them all. I pray he dumps your sorry ass for someone else so you know how it feels. Husband snatcher.”

“I used to love dis woman Sha. But wen I see u now I see wickedness. Who cares if u got d man. Just d child back to d mother.,no matter what is going on, he is her child… Ow Wud u feel if they took ur children away from u like dat. I Pray it happens to u, so dat u Wud knw Ow it feels…. U look like a witch right now. Shameless wife…. shameless mother.”

“I used to really love her and admire her life, but ever since this whole low life controversial news of getting on with that woman’s husband, I lost every respect and love for her. Guess is the same way for half of her fans, you can tell from her barely 200k instagram followers.”

“We don’t even care bout Doris husband, just don’t post her son’s picture if u re hiding your daughters’
[email protected] even your husband or bf if u have one, I really hope u end up in Doris’s shoes someday honey.”

Stella Damasus later disabled her comment session on the birthday post so fans can stop talking, yet they kept commenting on a video she shared afterwards about Performing an Amazing MONOLOGUE.

The 38-year old actress could not take the comments anymore, she lashed back at her haters saying her relationship with Daniel has been giving some people high blood pressure for the past four years.

Stella Damasus wrote:

“With all the things that are happening in the world, with all the recession people are complaining about, with all the people who are dying every day, with all the injustice in the world, this right here is what some people have decided to dwell on.

“Funny how the same issue has given some people high blood pressure for the past 4 years. Funny how the same people cannot realize that regardless of what they say behind their phones, nothing has changed. In fact, it’s getting better and stronger.

“Funny how wishing an amazing young man happy birthday just to celebrate him will cause people to bring out the ugliness in their hearts and their hatred for humanity.

“So sad that this wonderful young man will look at comments under his birthday picture and instead of the smiles that should appear on his face, he is extremely saddened at the fact that adults can be so terrible.

“So sad that the things he is taught never to do to others by adults are being done by adults. So sad that people cannot hold off their evil thoughts and words just for one day to celebrate the same person they claim to be looking out for. Everyone has their own life to live.

“Do you and let me do me and allow God who knows what man can never know, be the judge. Words from internet trolls and bullies can NEVER bring me or my family down. I have been through much worse and I am STILL STANDING. Ask about me. #nuffsaid.

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The husband snatching issue of Stella Damasus has drastically reduced her fan base, worse so since Doris Simeon has chosen silence as her way of handling the issue.

The comments above were triggered out of concern that Daniel was spending his birthday with Stella instead of with his mother, Doris Simeon, who used to be married to Daniel Ademinokan.

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