Bisola Is Not A Graduate, Bally’s Girlfriend Was Upset He Kissed Housemates


Bisola, one of the last five housemates of the BBNaija show has disclosed that she is not a university graduate while canvassing for votes to win the ultimate prize.

On Thursday night, the remaining five housemates currently fighting for the ultimate prize were given an opportunity to campaign for votes in preparation for the grand finale on Sunday.

On the sidelines of that, while begging Nigerians to vote for her, Bisola the multi-talented entertainer surprisingly revealed her educational status disclosing that she has not attended a higher institution. Hear her:

“My name Bisola is ‘born into wealth’ but I have not enjoyed wealth. Because I remember since I was seven years old I usually had a complex life but I try as much as possible not to allow the complex life take over the situations I am in.

“I have never been in University before. I’m not a graduate. So sometimes I’m somehow envious when I hear fellow housemate talk stuff like ‘ when I did this in school or when I did that in school’.

“Not because I wasn’t intelligent enough to be in but because I never had the funds to do so. So when every exam is passed I never made it through because I didn’t have the money to send myself to school.”

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Bally Balat

Meanwhile, former housemate Bally, who was evicted last Sunday during the final eviction show has also revealed that his girlfriend was upset with him for kissing in the house.

Admitting that he was the least housemate expected to progress in the show, Bally claims he was Bisola’s victim after Thin Tall Tony left the reality TV show.

In a video interview with Ikeji Linda, Bally said his relationship with Bisola was not a romantic one, adding that the show had some friendship plays and nothing more. Hear him:

“I had a cordial and friendly relationship with Bisola, not a romantic one. There were no real romantic relationships involved. It was just friendly play, and you know Bisola, she’s just a playful person, trouble maker basically.

“Before Thin Tall left the house, he was that person she was always going to disturb. She was always with Tony and I had no problem with that. After he left, she decided to make me her victim of troublemaking.”

“Yes I have. She was actually the first person I spoke to when I left the house, Obviously. We’re cool, she’s cool, she’s very well.”

“Obviously, she knows what the show is about. At the end of the day, it’s for the greater good. I’m in the entertainment business and this is an extremely great platform to go with. To be honest, I didn’t anticipate all the things that happened in the house.

“It just happened and she probably didn’t also. She was a bit upset about one or two things in the house… like the kissing was quite a lot, I’m not going to lie. Obviously, that would tend to get you.

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“Watching your boyfriend do things like that but at the end of the day, she’s a very understanding person. We’ve spoken through it and we are in that phase of getting back to be very cool with each other.”

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