Nollywood actors, Dele Odule, Charles Inojie fight dirty in ‘The In-Law’ 


By Ayo Onikoyi

Nigerian movie lovers will soon be treated to an entertaining and family friendly movie which will soon be hitting the cinemas titled ‘The In-Laws’. The movie was shot and produced by Bolakale Oba Sa’ad.

The movie ‘The In-Law,’ tells the story of an old-school lawyer’s daughter who is set to marry a retired policeman’s son, but their parents’ deep suspicion and disapproval of each other turn the lovebirds into strange bedfellows.

Tobi Balogun, a 35 year old naturalist doctor, and son to retired Police Sergeant, Abu Balogun, is in love, and ready to marry Nancy Okezie, 30, daughter of Donald Okezie, a retired magistrate. However, trouble starts after they secretly get engaged and introduce each other to their families.

Donald Okezie remembers Abu Balogun as an unrepentant liar who scuttled his biggest lawsuit, and coupled with the fact that Tobi is a naturalist doctor, which Donald easily terms as a herbalist, he decides to do everything to get his daughter away from the Baloguns.    Then the war between two fathers’ in-laws begin as all hell is let loose towards ensuring that the marriage does not take place.

The children finally decide to go their separate ways, and the parents rejoice they have won the battle. While each parent individually celebrates his victory, Nancy and Tobi stumble on information not meant for them, and they realise their parents have been the stumbling block to their union. They start their own plot, and eventually get married, giving their heady parents a shocker.

The movie is directed by  Charles Nwagbai  , starring top actors like,  Dele Odule, Benita Ayo Mogaji, Chris Attoh, Charles Inojie, Ngozi Nwosu, Toyin Aimkhu, and others.


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