Women, don’t marry men who can’t cook, Collete Orji advises


By Ayo Onikoyi

Since Nollywood actress, Collette Orji started her blog, Cocowonder blog and her marriage counseling section, she has been a thorn in the flesh of men. The highly liberated, opinionated beautiful thespian is particularly pissed about how African men regard and treat their wives. To her, a man and a woman should be equal in a marriage.

Collette Orji

Though her blog is known to be a bit feminist in outlook and has raised many questions concerning the rights of a woman and man in a marriage,  many men felt she crossed the line recently when she openly advised her readers, whom, she calls Cocowonders’ addicts, not to marry men who can’t cook. Predictably, it was an outrage of responses from the menfolk but Coco, as she is called by friends, stood her ground, ready to take on anyone who dares to challenge her.

“ Yes! I have said it. I can see women screaming Coco has come again and I can hear the men saying, ‘abomination’,” she offered, as cool as cucumber.

“Last year, I learnt a certain pastor made this statement boldly, and to tell you the truth, why should any man marry a woman who don’t know how to cook also. But you see, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Equal….. Equality of the sexes. That’s my mantra,” she stressed.

“The marriage bond among my Nigerian folks is alarming, sickening and outright disdainful. It kills the young and discourages the single. There’s almost no hope for my African (I love restricting to Nigerian) marriages. The women have become hopeless lovers glued on Telemundo and fairy tale Philippines’ movies as their escape for what they deem impossible in their own lives and marriages. The only message they hear and listen to every day from their husbands is, ‘I am the head of this house … and submission!’

“Some of these men have zero submission spirit, simply to lick a woman properly and let her moan from the joy of his tongue on her clitoris, they would not do. Very insubordinate men, zero submission in their spirit and to worsen it.. some will come here and type Coco, the Bible says and pastor says. But you see these African men, marrying a woman because of food.  I’m telling you, because of food. And the women will come here and respond that my pastor says and the Bible says…. and others will say it’s love.

“Do you know the worst one? A man will take a girl to his family who will wait to eat her food and the family will say you cannot marry her because she didn’t cook well… kai!!! Women have suffered,” she ranted in deference.


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