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By Adetutu Adesoji

With so many talented  actresses in the industry, what do you think makes you different?

We all have our different ways of acting; what I would do is different from what someone else would do. If a role is meant for me,I know how to deliver it, using my own unique touch. I might not be able to act in a particular way and the role would be given to the next available person, I will only do what I can do. But so far so good, my style seems to be winning for me.

 Do you feel threatened by big players in the game, the likes of Genevieve and others?  

Genevieve? That is my aunty o (laughs). I can’t compare myself with her, but then I don’t feel threatened by people because I know I’m good at what I do.

Lizzy Oraya

 Would you take up a role that demands you have sex, either real or not?

I can’t have sex for real in a movie, I can only mime it.

 Do you think it is right for actors to date one another?

Of course! I don’t see anything wrong with it if they love each other. We are human; we have blood flowing through our veins. If you see someone you like and you think it can work out then there is nothing wrong with it. Actors are like every other person; they can date whoever they like if they feel it will work out.

Can you date an actor?

Yes, I can but right now I haven’t seen anyone I like in the movie industry.

Does that mean you have someone outside the movie industry?

Definitely! I’m actually very crazy about Runtown, he is my man crush.

If you meet Runtown what will you do first?

I will kiss him. The only problem is that I might be prevented from doing it but if I have my way I will definitely kiss him.

Most people will say sex before marriage is wrong, what is your take on it?

It is wrong in the eyes of God; the bible is also against it. For me as a person, I won’t just marry a person without knowing if he can satisfy me or not. I don’t want to get married to an ‘Indomie’ person, meaning five minutes in bed and we are done, I don’t want that. I want a man that can satisfy me.

Does that mean sex is a big deal for you in a relationship?

Yes it is. In the world we live in today there is no relationship without sex. So, if we are in a relationship why don’t you just satisfy me? I don’t want to look elsewhere for sex.

If you are given an option to choose between a rich man that is weak in bed and a poor but strong sexually, who would you choose?

I will choose a poor man that is good in bed; that he doesn’t have money today does not mean he won’t have tomorrow. As long as he is strong-willed and have a future he will make it in life, we will join hands together and succeed. I don’t want a rich man that would not have my time, I love attention and I like to be loved, it’s not just about the money. I can’t cheat so I will rather go for a poor man with potentials and one that can love me than a rich man that cannot perform.

What will it take to break your heart?

I don’t like lies and I’m a jealous person. When I love someone I don’t pretend and I don’t like it when my man disrespects me by talking to other girls. I don’t mean he shouldn’t talk to people but there should be a level of respect. Also, if I know my man doesn’t have much I won’t ask for anything but I don’t like to be taken for a fool, I’m with you because I love you.

Actresses tend to live fake lives, why is that?

It’s not all actresses; some people only try to keep up the profile. Out of a hundred I will say only fifty percent live fake lives. I can tell you that people respect actresses that have cars than the ones without cars; even if they can’t act people will respect them. So, some people are ready to rent a car for a week so they can drive to locations.

What has been your most depressing experience at an audition?

I was given a script to rehearse and present before the judges afterward, everything was cool while I was rehearsing but when it was time to present I forget everything I had rehearsed, and I couldn’t remember a thing. The judges thought there was something wrong with me or I just couldn’t read. It happened to me a number of times at auditions.

How do you get into character when given a script?

I’m very good at what I do. When I get a script I just look through it and get into character naturally, it’s as simple as that.

Have you ever been propositioned for romance by an actor or producer?

Yes, I have people say to me that they like me and won’t mind having something with me.  I just tell them that we are in the movie industry and I will rather go outside to do whatever I want to do. These people are human beings and when they see a beautiful lady they want to be with her. I’m a very beautiful lady; I have nice boobs, shape and everything, so you don’t expect such a thing not to happen. But then when they disturb me for a while and I say no they back off.

You said you have nice boobs, shape and all, are these your selling points?

Yes they are, my front and my back are very heavy. I have a very nice shape and I thank God for creating me like that. I’m hot and I know it.

Which of your movies do you consider your favorite and why?

I would say ‘Bloody King’ and that is because I played the role of a Queen. I loved the traditional attires that I wore; these are attires I can’t just wear on a normal day.

What do you despise about Nollywood?

I don’t like the fact that they don’t carry upcoming actors along, they focus more on the known faces and that is wrong, these stars also started from somewhere.

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