Gordhan mischievous and misleading: Oakbay



Gordhan mischievous and misleading: Oakbay

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\n Gupta-owned Oakbay Investments has cautioned the courts against entering into political fray and labelled Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s legal bid for a declaratory order as “mischievous” and “misleading”.\n

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In an affidavit filed in the high court in Pretoria in response to Gordhan’s application for an order that he cannot intervene in the closure of Oakbay’s accounts‚ acting chief executive Ronica Ragava‚ said the court should “exercise its discretion to refuse the minister’s invitation to enter the political fray …”

She said she had been advised that a court should be slow in stepping into the political arena where there was no need for it do so‚ merely because Gordhan has “another agenda not appropriate for the court to ascertain”.

On October 14‚ Gordhan filed court papers that contained explosive details about “suspicious” bank transactions by Gupta-owned companies totalling almost R6.8-billion‚ which may have contributed to four banks closing accounts belonging to the Guptas.

Ragavan said it was “mischievous at best” and “misleading at worst” for Gordhan to suggest that the Gupta family or Oakbay ever demanded or implied that the minister had a legal obligation or entitlement to intervene in the relationship between Oakbay and its bankers.

She said everyone agreed with the minister that he had no legal right or obligation to intervene and that such a request was never made to the minister.

Ragavan said the dispute between Gordhan and the Gupta family had a long and “unfortunate” political history.

She said that soon after his appointment as finance minister in January 2012‚ Gordhan told a meeting he had called with “captains of industry” and chief executives of large companies in South Africa of a threat of a family involved in politics and business.

“The minister apparently elaborated on this family and eventually said steps must be taken ‘to clip the wings of this family’. – SowetoLIVE

“The sources who‚ independently from each other‚ informed me of this meeting … said that it was clear that the minister referred to the Gupta family and that on no permutation could a different family be suggested by him‚” she stated.

Ragavan challenged Gordhan to confirm or deny whether this meeting occurred and to produce the agenda‚ minutes and recording of what was said in that meeting.

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