Phahlane raid highlights need for SAPS Act to be amended to ‘ensure persons of integrity lead the organisation’



Phahlane raid highlights need for SAPS Act to be amended to ‘ensure persons of integrity lead the organisation’

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\n “The SAPS Act is inadequate in ensuring that only the best people are selected for leadership of the SAPS‚” the Centre for Constitutional Rights said on Friday.\n

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The law “does not provide clear criteria with regard to the appointment of a national commissioner”‚ the centre’s director‚ Phephelaphi Dube‚ said‚ in reaction to acting national commissioner Khomotso Phahlane being the subject of an investigation by the Independent Police Investigative Directorate.

On Thursday‚ the police watchdog took a warning statement from Phahlane and raided his Pretoria’s Sable Hills Waterfront Estate at Roodeplaat Dam to seek evidence regarding a case which relates to kickbacks he allegedly received for awarding contracts to service providers when he headed the police forensic science laboratory.

The “seeming crisis in leadership”‚ said Dube‚ provides “perhaps the opportune moment for an amendment to the SAPS Act to ensure that qualified persons of integrity lead the organisation”.

She noted that “not only is he under investigation for corruption‚ but he is also accused of defeating the ends of justice‚ after allegedly contacting witnesses who formed part of the investigation into the corruption allegations”.

“Bear in mind that he is acting in the position because the national police commissioner‚ Riah Phiyega‚ is currently suspended from the position while she reportedly appeals the Claassen Board of Inquiry’s findings that she is not fit to hold office regarding her conduct in the Marikana killings‚” Dube added.

She also recorded that Phiyega’s predecessor‚ Bheki Cele‚ “unceremoniously left the position over allegations of maladministration and misconduct”‚ and “Jackie Selebi’s time at the helm eventually saw him imprisoned for corruption and perhaps he is better known for his well-publicised friendship with known figures of the underworld”.

The “crisis in leadership undermines otherwise hardworking personnel” in the SAPS.

“Given the nation’s unrelentingly high crime rates‚ there is an urgent need for firm‚ decisive leadership based on integrity and respect for the Constitution.”

– TMG Digital

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