Mayor vows to crack down on errant city cops



Mayor vows to crack down on errant city cops

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\n \n \n Ethekwini mayor Zandile Gumede attends the funeral of Thabisile Myeni‚ 16‚ Sibusiso Sibiya 16 and S’celo Khumalo‚ 13. File photo \n \n \n \n \n
Image by: ROGAN WARD\n \n \n \n


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\n Ethekwini mayor Zandile Gumede has vowed to clamp down on Metro Police officers who take bribes and allow unroadworthy vehicles to remain on the road.\n

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Gumede was speaking at the Princess Magogo Stadium in KwaMashu on Saturday at the funeral of three children killed in a tragic back-to-school taxi accident in Ntuzuma last week.

Thabisile Myeni‚ 16‚ Sibusiso Sibiya 16 and S’celo Khumalo‚ 13‚ were laid to rest on Saturday‚ while Ntobeko Ngidi‚ 16‚ will be buried on Sunday.

“I have instructed our police officers‚ Metro Police‚ to be harsher so that we protect our children. We are strictly saying‚ ‘Down with lawbreakers on our roads.’ We also urge communities to work with us to fight criminals. No police officer should take a bribe because‚ in the end‚ these are the very same vehicles that kill our children‚” said Gumede.

In the aftermath of the accident Gumede said her office held a meeting with the Ntuzuma community and their councillor. She said their major gripe was the lack of speed humps in the area where the accident happened.


“We acceded to their request and we channelled it to the relevant departments of the council. As we speak the speed humps have been installed. We care and we listen when our people are crying‚” she said.

Gumede reprimanded those who march against the municipality saying they preferred dialogue instead of “burning tyres and road surfaces”.

“Communities and other stakeholders must speak to their respective councillors so that where there are complaints there must not be burning down of property and destruction of infrastructure which is there to serve the same communities. I thought I should touch on that.

“We know that installing speed humps won’t end road accidents if people do not obey the rules of the road. We urge drivers‚ commuters and pedestrians to obey the rules of the road. Let there be co-operation. People must not climb on a fully-loaded vehicle‚ there must be no 4-4 seating or sitting on makeshift seats when the taxi is full. You rather be late than sorry‚” she said.


“Loading people as if they are goats or sardines in a ship must come to an end. People must also not be victimised in public transport. Those transporting school children must ensure their cars are not scraps or jalopies. You must know you are ferrying the presidents of tomorrow in your vehicles. We are still waiting for the report which will tell us what was the cause of the accident‚” she said.

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