‘I’m expecting the worst any second now’ – Mother of missing Paarl woman speaks after boyfriend is arrested



‘I’m expecting the worst any second now’ – Mother of missing Paarl woman speaks after boyfriend is arrested

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\n \n \n Nikki Pienaar went missing on January 5‚ 2017.\n \n \n \n \n
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\n “It is as if I am expecting the worst any second now.” Marlaine Pienaar-Vice is immersed in the nightmare of searching for her daughter‚ Nicola “Nikki” Pienaar‚ who went missing on January 5.\n

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Speaking to TMG Digital from her home in Paarl‚ Pienaar-Vice sounded exhausted.

She has been struggling to sleep since the day her 28-year-old daughter disappeared.

At the weekend‚ Pienaar’s 32-year-old boyfriend was arrested in Port Elizabeth in connection with her disappearance.

According to police‚ she was last seen driving her mother’s Peugeot. The boyfriend allegedly claimed they were travelling to Port Elizabeth when they had an argument and he left her in Oudtshoorn on January 7.

“These couple of weeks has been very hard for me. I don’t want to think about it‚” said Pienaar-Vice.

Mother and daughter were close. In fact‚ Pienaar even worked as an assistant at her mother’s psychology practice.

“Not a day would go by without us speaking to one another. I find it completely strange that Nikki didn’t mention she was planning to leave town with her boyfriend‚” said Pienaar-Vice.

She said the couple had only been dating for 12 months.

“The relationship was still in its beginning stages. I could see that things were starting to become serious‚ but I had no idea the two of them were planning to take the car out of town. She usually tells me everything”.

Police spokeswoman Colonel Priscilla Naidu said the man‚ also from Paarl‚ had been found sitting at the Five Ways KFC in a Peugeot packed with clothes and other items.

“It seems this was why the alert was called in‚” Naidu said.

“One of our officers was on his way to work and drove straight there and‚ when he checked the licence plate‚ a Paarl stolen vehicle case came up.”

It did not take long before the link was made between the missing vehicle and the woman who went missing from Paarl two weeks ago‚ Naidu said. – additional reporting Herald Live

– TMG Digital/The Times

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