ANC acknowledges it owes ‘War Room’ PR expert R900‚000



ANC acknowledges it owes ‘War Room’ PR expert R900‚000

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\n Public relations expert Sihle Bolani undertook to volunteer her services and be part of the African National Congress (ANC) election campaign last year.\n

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The ANC made this claim in its answering affidavit to an urgent application by Sihle Bolani Communications‚ which wanted the court to order the party to pay the PR firm R2.2m.

Judge Leonie Windell struck the matter off the roll with costs on Tuesday‚ for lack of urgency.

Bolani wanted the court to set aside a settlement agreement of R1m she entered into with ANC general manager Ignatius Jacobs last month.

She wanted the court to order the ANC to pay her R2.2m that she invoiced the ANC for the work her company had done for it.

However‚ the ANC disputes it had signed a contract with Bolani.

“On 1 November 2016‚ (Bolani) submitted an invoice in the sum of R2‚304‚000.00. The (ANC) and I disputed this invoice on the grounds that there was no agreement that (Bolani) would charge a fee for services for rendered for the said amount‚” ANC Jacobs said in his answering affidavit filed on Tuesday.

Ignatius said at a meeting between him and Bolani on December 9‚ it became apparent that she misunderstood that she was expected to volunteer her services to the marketing campaign.

Jacobs said purely for the sake of settlement‚ he undertook to pay Bolani R1m by the end of December.

However‚ Jacobs said it would not be possible to raise and pay R1m by December 31.

The ANC paid her R100‚000 earlier this month and acknowledged that the balance of R900‚000 was still outstanding but was not payable at this stage.

In striking Bolani’s application off the roll with costs‚ Windell advised Bolani — who appeared in court to represent herself and the company — to issue summons and enrol the matter in the ordinary course.

“This is the urgent court where one must prove the matter to be heard is so urgent it cannot be dealt with in an ordinary course.”

Bolani said the reason she filed the application to be heard urgently was because she and her company had been in dispute with the ANC for a long time. She said she had not been able to pay her staff.

“You have to issue a summons. You can get a judgment against them. There are many South Africans who have claims. There is no reason for this court to deal with the matter on an urgent basis‚” Windell said.

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